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Balance Body, Mind, and Soul
relieve headaches & migraines
stimulate hair growth
increase energy level
improve skin quality
balance body hormones
relieve body pains
release body toxins
improve sleep quality
boost immune system
reduce stress & anxiety level
boost brain functions
support digestion

How is Kutus Kutus Oil applied?

Apply the oil evenly on the skin, massaging gently and with light pressure until it penetrates into the skin’s pores.

You can apply the oil to skin all over the body or only along the spine, from the neck all the way down to the tailbone, or over any ailing body areas or organs.

You can also apply the oil to damaged and injured skin to support the cell repair process.

Recommended to use 3 times daily on a regular basis. 

If it seems necessary, you can even apply the oil to affected areas every hour. 

For general health, rub the oil on your body and feet daily and at night before going to sleep.

Kutus Kutus activates the body's own energy production, or ‘Chi,’ in a natural way; bringing the body into balance and strengthening health. Chi is, according to ancient Chinese medicine, the life energy flowing in the human being, keeping all systems and organs in good function.

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Kutus Kutus

Tanamu Tanami Oil & Soap

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