Story of Kutus Kutus

The word "Kutus" itself comes from the Balinese-language word meaning "eight". According to ancient philosophy, the number eight has an uninterrupted flow in harmony with the energy release properties of Kutus Kutus – or ‘88’: the perfect healing oil.

The man behind Kutus Kutus 

Bambang Pranoto is a man with a unique history. After retiring from a high-ranking international position, he decided to live in Gianyar, Bali and devote more of his time to meditation. One day, an unfortunate event occurred: while Pranoto was searching in the rice fields for special Kangkung vegetable leaves needed for cooking, he accidentally fell down into a canyon. This lead to the paralysis of both of his legs.  

Instead of allowing himself to be held back by the accident, he decided to spend his time concentrating more on meditation. During his meditations a vision arose around a magical oil. With the help of his friends, Pranoto started collecting various medicinal plants and other ingredients for mixing. This is how the oil we know today as Kutus Kutus came to life.

Pranoto used the oil daily on his paralyzed legs and through regular use experienced a full recovery. He began to share the oil with his friends that were also having health issues. When they also miraculously healed after using the oil, Pranoto decided that this amazing gift should be shared with the world. 

The origin of the discovery of Kutus Kutus oil comes from a difficult event that brought Bambang Pranoto and many people blessings today.