Why use the oil for the soles of your feet?

The sole of the foot is the gate and center of the human body’s energy path. There are 360 acupuncture points throughout the human body, with more than 60 of these located on the soles of the feet. Medical experts claim that our foot soles reflect the health of our internal organs, making the soles of our feet known as the "second heart". When Kutus Kutus Oil is massaged into the soles of the feet, it can stimulate tissue fluids and improve circulation, helping organs suffering from any health problems and maintaining the overall health of the human body.

Why apply to the spine?

The human spine is the most abundant nervous system compared to other organs. The spine also protects the nerves present in the spine itself. The spinal cord is like a cable that operates the strongest human machine: our brain. In addition, the spine also connects our upper body parts like the shoulders, neck, and head with lower organs such as the waist, thighs, and legs. The spinal column is simply one of the most influential organs for the rest of the body. Drizzle the oil evenly onto the skin along the spine (from neck to tailbone) and massage for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed into the skin.

Activates the body's own energy production

This herbal oil activates the body's own energy production, or ‘Chi,’ in a natural way; bringing the body into balance and strengthening health. Chi is, according to ancient Chinese medicine, the life energy flowing in the human being, keeping all systems and organs in good function. 100% energy means 100% health for a human being. Chi energy improves metabolism, concentration, self-confidence, organ performance, blood circulation, natural activation of enzymes, hormones, and the immune system, generates beneficial body heat and even contributes to improved moods and emotions in humans. With full Chi energy, people are better able to cope with stress and achieve their life goals.